Join hosts Mike Costantini, Jeff Sloniker and Carlos Jaime as they journey into the borderlands of the known and the unknown to explore all things paranormal and supernatural. There are two sides to every conspiracy and unknown phenomena. Do ghosts and demons really exist? Did a UFO indeed crash land at Roswell? Is there secret Illuminati who control the geopolitical climates of the world? Listen to the facts and opinions presented to you on this podcast and decide for yourself. Join us in the borderlands of our reality and the nether regions.

The Hosts

Carlos JaimeCarlos Jaime is the co-host of The Border Realm podcast and additional researcher. He has studied improvisational comedy at The Upright Citizens Brigade and performs with the improv team Sweet Valley at the Clubhouse. He also hosts his own podcast Come To Your Senses about checking out the trailers of upcoming crappy movies. Carlos does not believe Bigfoot exists but hopes Loch Ness does.


Jeff Sloniker




 Jeff Sloniker is an writer/comedian/actor based in Los Angeles. He is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. Jeff spent a lot of his childhood in Japan where sensitivity to the supernatural is very heightened and, in his opinion, a little ridiculous. He is skeptical of ghosts, the afterlife and other nonsense.



Mike CostantiniMike Costantini is a music composer and sound designer for television, film and video games. He has produced many young artists and bands throughout the years. Mike has a profound love of the broadcasting medium as well as a strong interest in UFO's, conspiracy theories and the paranormal.






Past Co-Host

Emily Maya MillsEmily Maya Mills is a writer/comedian/actor originally from San Francisco. As a child, she witnessed too many home births and the scars left her believing anything's possible. She currently lives in Los Angeles with a cat-like dog who walks like a pony. Visit for upcoming appearances.